Painting Services

Painting Services

We pride ourselves on our skills and experience to repair any leaks house or building. Our company also takes itself a step further to offer a followup service for painting and internal damage correction. The job isn't done when the leak is repaired - so we offer a full-service painting and restoration service.

We can replace drywall, repair plaster, prime and paint any and all of the affected rooms. We also paint exteriors - including siding, shutters and fascia.

We understand that leaks leave a mess of frustration and aggravation. Our team would like to assure you that one company can resolve all your leak issues.

Why Choose Leak Enders?

Leak Enders employees have a broad spectrum of experience and the skills that are required for the service they are providing. They are able to accurately locate your most difficult leaks, analyze and then repair them.

We have also developed a reputation for being timely and dependable. We only hire technicians with experience, diligence and determination because our goal is to provide you with the best customer service you can find in a business that has not always had a positive image.