Skylight Leak Repair & Cleaning

Skylight Leak Repair & Cleaning

Skylights interrupt and penetrate the surface of a roof so they are prone to leaking. Usually the problem is the seal between the flashing and the roof but there are other possible causes, including incorrect installation.

If you are planning to install a skylight trust us to install a leak-free skylight system for your home.  While skylights are an excellent addition to your roofing system some common house leaks are caused by defects in your skylight sealing or faulty skylight installation, including:

  • 4.BLOCKED “WEEP HOLES” which happens when rainwater flows down the roof, collects at the top of the skylight and builds up. Eventually the water fnds a place around the edges where it can get inside. Skylights covered with ice and snow may cause leaking because their "weep holes" are covered. Internal condensation can't escape, which causes water. If that happens we can remove the snow and ice around your skylight.

Our service technicians will do expert skylight repairs for any of these problems.  We can also clean the outside of your skylights for less than what a window cleaning company would charge to get on the roof and clean them.

Why Choose Leak Enders?

Leak Enders employees have a broad spectrum of experience and the skills that are required for the service they are providing. They are able to accurately locate your most difficult leaks, analyze and then repair them.

We have also developed a reputation for being timely and dependable. We only hire technicians with experience, diligence and determination because our goal is to provide you with the best customer service you can find in a business that has not always had a positive image.