Storm & Wind Damage

Storm & Wind Damage

High winds and storm water damages shingles, removes siding and can penetrate flashing. In addition to mother nature's fury, extreme weather also toppples trees - sending branches into siding and onto roofs. Falling debris can tear shingles, pierce roofs, damage capping and cause water to penetrate even the toughest of roofs.

In the winter, ice and snow bear weight onto roofs. This excess weight can be enough to buckle a roof and create an entryway for water. Gutters are also susceptible to the weight imposed by snow and ice. Gutters can be forced off the fascia board that they are attached to. This leads to a gap for water runoff to trickle down the fascia and into the home.

After any large storm, it is important to instpect any areas of oyour home that may have a buildup of ice and snow, or have been hit by falling branches.

Why Choose Leak Enders?

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